Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Midland Counties Photographic Federation

Lichfield Camera Club

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Honorary President the Mayor of Lichfield

External Exhibitions.

Every year there are several local exhibitions that members can enter. There is a small fee for this which varies for each one but usually about £5 for each section entered (colour / mono /nature prints / nature general  PDI)

Normally there are 3 judges for each section and they can award up to 5 points each, giving a possible total of 15. The acceptance mark varies for each section  and exhibition but is usually around 12

While exhibitions are not for everyone it is well worth going to see them even if you don’t intend ever entering one. You will see the type of work that judges like at the moment and the standard necessary to succeed.

It can be quite daunting having a go for the 1st time but when you get your 1st acceptance you’ll be hooked! It’s also very good for the club image for us to be seen as an out-going club interested in the wider world of photography. This helps us attract good judges and speakers who see us as a successful club.


ECE External Club Exhibition (Entry only via club);  

        CE Club Exhibition; EE External Exhibition

Yardley                                               September            EE

Bromsgrove                                       November             EE

Smethwick International                   December             EE

Southport                                           January                  EE

Great Barr Panels                             February                EE

Midphot                                              March                     ECE

MCPF Print & PDI C/ship                April                        ECE

Great Barr                                          July                         EE