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Honorary President the Mayor of Lichfield

 Installing Photoshop Save for PDI Scripts

The following automation scripts are available to help you in preparing Projected Digital Images

Resize for PDI 1600x1200 PSE15

Resize for Resize for PDI 1600x1200 CC 2017

To Install

Select the correct file to match your Photoshop version as described below

copy the file for your version of Photoshop to

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Your Photoshop Version\Presets\Scripts\

On Win 10 you may need to be an Administrator to install

The script will save a resized jpg image back to where your original image was opened

Please rename the file to include your name and title so it can be identified

Photoshop Elements 15

Use the ResizeforPDI_1600x1200 PSE15.jsx  

Access from the toolbar File - Automation Tools

Photoshop CC 2017

Use the PDI 1600x1200 CC 2017

Access from the toolbar File - Automate

1600 x 1200 PDI Scripts 1400 x 1050 PDI Scripts